About Tyson

many words have been used to describe me. my south african mother might tell you i’m cheeky. my seven brothers and sisters will probably tell you i’m the diva of the family. and many of my friends are likely to tell you i’m as nerdy as i am charming and endearing.

what i can tell you is i love design. almost as much as i love rainy days, superhero movies and nutella peanut butter sandwiches (all of which have surfaced in my dreams of saving/taking over the world). bring me your design inquiries and i will find solutions that are intelligent, authentic and beautiful.

i would love to design for you, and/or get to know you better over some nintendo and low-carb pizza. please reach out to me at tysoncantrell@gmail.com.

Tyson graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Graphic Design and has been featured in the Graphis New Student Annual, SPD-U, the SLC AIGA 100 Show, the Utah Design Arts Festival, and the Adobe Achievement Design Awards. Look for him on Linkedin, Behance and Pinterest.